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The De-Stress Express™ For Healthcare Professionals

Workshop Description

In 2013 Companion Arts is launching The De-Stress Express, a cutting-edge workshop and practicum for healthcare professionals. The De-Stress Express builds on our acclaimed past programs with over 100 major healthcare organizations throughout the US and provides a unique combination of personalized tools that significantly reduce caregiver stress.

The De-Stress Express is a half-day experiential workshop providing simple, easy-to learn methods to reduce both immediate, in-the-moment stress and stress backload. The workshop combines traditional approaches with new, effective stress reduction practices, including our signature De-Stress Express exercise that reduces stress through creative expression.

The methodologies chosen for this workshop address physical, mental, and emotional stressors, and can quickly reduce stress throughout the healthcare professional's day. Unlike more complicated methods that take several sessions to learn, all of these methods can be mastered during The De-Stress Express workshop and customized to participants' individual needs. In addition, each workshop participant receives a handout with descriptions, pictures and information needed to reinforce daily use.

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Optional Workshop Practicum

Customized to the needs of the participants, the De-Stress Express Practicum occurs over the 2 month period immediately following the on-site workshop.

Companion Arts' research has found that the simplicity, brevity and Return on Time Investment of these practices makes them more likely to be continued and incorporated into the healthcare professional's daily practice. To maximize this, an optional workshop "Practicum" is offered that reinforces daily practice and provides two follow-up teleseminars as well as Companion Arts' acclaimed "Care for the Journey" audio resource for healthcare professionals.

Customized to the needs of the participants, the De-Stress Express Practicum occurs over the 2 month period immediately following the on-site workshop. The Practicum includes daily stress monitoring and 2 interactive teleseminars with Workshop Leader Elizabeth A. Denton, Ph.D. In addition, all Practicum participants receive Care For The Journey, Companion Arts' critically acclaimed audio resource for healthcare professionals.

Additional information on Care for the Journey (video short)

Presenter / Workshop Leader

Elizabeth A. Denton

Developer and presenter of The De-Stress Express, Elizabeth A. Denton, Ph.D. is a psychologist, executive coach, consultant, keynote speaker, author of A Spiritual Audit of Corporate America, and National Program Advisory Board Member for Companion Arts.

Labeled a "transformation midwife" by clients, Liz has developed and catalyzed performance improvement initiatives for healthcare organizations, Fortune 500 corporations and non-profits. The De-Stress Express reflects years of research and implementation of stress relief protocols in these organizations as well as a selection of specific, personalized tools for healthcare professionals.

Liz is unequivocal regarding the necessity for both stress relief programs and new performance initiatives in healthcare organizations: "Stress relief and new tools are not only needed; they are essential for optimal professional function in today's healthcare workplace."


The De-Stress Express is available nationwide, conducted at your location and scheduled at your convenience.

Logistics & Requirements

Contracted healthcare organizations are provided with a logistics "basics checklist" for workshop preparation. The checklist includes training space requirements, basic supplies (other than student materials), refreshments (coffee/tea/water and snack, if desired) and microphone (if group exceeds 45 people).

The recommended minimum group size is 10 participants. The De-Stress Express is offered for both small – medium groups (10-45 participants) and larger groups (46 – 100 participants). There are no pre-qualifications for participants.

The basic De-Stress Express lasts a half day (approximately 3.5 hours) and includes: introduction, break, customized class training and interaction, and summation.

An optional De-Stress Express Practicum is offered post-workshop. The Practicum reinforces team members' daily stress release and includes: 2 customized monthly teleconferences, teleconference follow-up and Companion Arts' acclaimed "Care For The Journey" audio resource for healthcare professionals.

Presenting Organization

For the past decade Companion Arts, a national non-profit, has developed programs utilizing the expressive arts for inspirational, practical, and effective benefit in both workplace and home. To date we've provided 100+ customized programs for major healthcare institutions and developed acclaimed audio resources for healthcare professionals (Care for the Journey, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, considered "new classics" in the field).

This year we're developing new programs to meet the most pervasive problem of our time: stress. The De-Stress Express Workshop and Practicum is our newest offering for healthcare professionals, and provides proven, easy-to-learn tools that can be used on an "as needed" basis during a busy workday.

Participant Materials

A StressTools™ handout includes tool descriptions, pictures and information reinforcing daily use.

All participants take a "Workplace Stress Test". Individual results are utilized to determine common stressors within the specific workplace, customize individuals' tool choices and provide an indicator of workshop efficacy. The group's aggregate results are compiled and forwarded to the healthcare organization for future use.

The optional Workshop Practicum further reinforces use of the new tools learned in The De-Stress Express and provides participants with additional training interaction and materials, including:

  • 2 monthly interactive teleconferences and follow-up led by workshop leader Elizabeth Denton, Ph.D.
  • A personal copy of Care for the Journey, Companion Art's acclaimed audio resource for healthcare professionals utilized by leading hospitals and hospices throughout the country. Care for the Journey speaks eloquently to the roots of healthcare professionals' emotional, mental and spiritual stress through inspiring, innovative and practical teachings from noted leaders, including: Rachel Naomi Remen, MD; Jean Watson, PhD; Ira Byock, MD; Christina Puchalski, MD; Archbishop Desmond Tutu; singer/ healthcare advocate Naomi Judd, RN and others.


The De-Stress Express is available in 2 versions to meet your needs:

  1. The De-Stress Workshop: On-site at your location
  2. The De-Stress Workshop and follow-up Practicum: The initial workshop at your location plus a 2 month workshop follow-up (check-in reinforcing daily practice, 2 interactive teleconferences and additional audio tool)

Call/email us to inquire about our reasonable rates, which are adjusted to reflect locality:
Susan Osborne, Companion Arts, (303) 638-5378 or


Scheduling is based on availability. 3 weeks lead time is generally needed, but don't hesitate to check with us if less lead time is available.

Please contact Susan Osborne at Companion Arts to schedule or answer questions. Susan can be reached weekdays at (303) 638-5378 or via email at

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