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Care for the Journey is an acclaimed series of audio CDs containing spoken word over music for professional caregivers by these educators, healthcare professionals and wellness experts. Read these reviews of Care for the Journey and testimonials from caregivers like you.


Imagine in the midst of a hectic day being able to retreat to a quiet place for a few minutes of nurturing words from healing leaders such as Jean Watson, Rachel Naomi Remen, Christina Puchalski, Desmond Tutu, Christiane Northrup, Angeles Arrien, Joan Borysenko, Naomi Judd, Tom Lant, Jeremy Geffen, or Ira Byock. This CD makes that vision a reality with a collection of short reflective messages spoken against the backdrop of restful music. "Care for the Journey" is a wonderful distillation of the teachings of these special individuals that can help healthcare workers reconnect with their reason for entering this field.

Charlotte Eliopoulos
Beginnings Magazine
American Holistic Nurses Association

'Care for the Journey' is a wonderful compilation of music with inspiring and insightful messages for the practicing health care professional. It acknowledges the stresses under which we work and takes us a step back to the real meaning of healing and caring, which includes the emotional and spiritual dimensions of both patient and practitioner; it accepts death as the natural end of life.

This CD would be a useful resource for any health care practitioner, but I think it will be particularly valuable for anybody who works in palliative care. If you are feeling in any way stressed, or wondering about the meaning and value of your work, you need to listen to 'Care for the Journey.' Highly recommended.

Joe Tye, author
Never Fear, Never Quit and The Healing Tree

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'Care for the Journey' is a montage of wisdom that will inspire and comfort anyone who is navigating the seas of health and illness. These contributions, from some of the wisest healers in the world, brim with compassion, hope, and understanding. The realization that permeates these messages is the core spiritual message that is so urgently needed in our time.

Barbara Dossey, RN, PhD, HNC, FAAN
Author: Florence Nightingale: Mystic, Visionary, Healer; Profiles of Nurse Healers; Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice; Rituals of Healing

Larry Dossey, MD
Author: The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things; Reinventing Medicine; Healing Words

'Care for the Journey' is a powerful reminder that healthcare is a mission, not just a business, and that the healing professions are a calling, not just a job. On every single track, the message and the music sent a tingle up my spine. It's a message that's never been more important than it is today. This is a masterwork, and a fitting gift for anyone who is privileged to have the title of caregiver.

Jayne Felgen, RN, MPA
President, Creative Healthcare Management

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