Care for the Journey: Volume 1, Audio CD

By Michael Stillwater and Gary Malkin

Beautiful music and wonderful messages - a major resource for all healthcare professionals.

Audio CD Description

Care for the Journey: Volume 1

Care for the Journey, Volume 1 has been called "a new classic in the field of integrative medicine" and "a primary resource for health professionals". Utilized by leading hospitals and hospices throughout the United States, Care For The Journey is an educational audio resource speaking eloquently to the roots of healthcare professionals' emotional, mental and spiritual stress through inspiring, innovative and practical teachings from noted leaders, including: Angeles Arrien, PhD; Joan Borysenko, PhD; Ira Byock, MD; Jeremy Geffen, MD; singer/ healthcare advocate Naomi Judd, RN; Tom Lant, PhD, RN; Christiane Northrup, MD; Christina Puchalski, MD; Rachel Naomi Remen, MD; Jean Watson, PhD, RN; Archbishop Desmond Tutu; and Michael Stillwater. Care for the Journey, Volume 1 features a film-score quality soundtrack by Emmy Award winner Gary Malkin, and makes a beautiful, inspirational and helpful gift for the healthcare professional in your life.

Track List

  1. Introduction - Michael Stillwater
  2. Path of the Healer - Angles Arrien, PhD
  3. Being Whole - Rachel Naomi Remen, MD
  4. Musical Reflection - Gary Malkin
  5. The Caring Moment - Jean Watson, PhD, RN
  6. The Healing Encounter - Christina Puchalski, MD
  7. The Art of Receiving - Tom Lant, PhD, RN
  8. Musical Reflection - Gary Malkin
  9. The Sould of Caregiving - Naomi Judd, RN
  10. The Heart of Healing - Jeremy Geffen, RN
  11. Appreciation Message - Desmond Tutu with Christiane Northrup, MD; Ira Byock, MD; Angeles Arrien, PhD; Joan Borysenko, PhD; Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

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